Investor portal

Engage with clients the way they want

Spend less time on portfolio updates and more on strategy, goals and progress. Give your clients a meaningful way to digitally engage with their wealth management, professionally branded with your logo.

With Praemium's Investor Portal you can:

  • Provide your clients with a window into their investments, including a deep dive into underlying holdings.
  • Give them 24/7 access to their information from any wifi or internet enabled device.
  • Show up-to-date market valuations, additions and withdrawals, asset and portfolio performance data.
  • Have your clients' statements, research and reports delivered electronically.

Performance Benchmarking

Track portfolio performance to client goals, easily

Tracking the performance of your client’s investment portfolio to their agreed strategy and goals is a challenging task made more difficult because of the limited number of quality tools available.

Praemium’s unique Performance Benchmarking tools enable you to compare your client’s portfolio performance against a large collection of market indices, or even to create your own custom or composite benchmark index. Praemium’s Performance Benchmarking is also the perfect support for goals-based advice and targeting of absolute returns. If you’re not using Praemium, you may not really know your portfolio’s true performance. 

Report Publisher

Simplify large & customised reporting events

Praemium takes the hassle out of big reporting events. Report Publisher features over 50 out-of-the-box report templates that contain hundreds of optional customisations. Administrators can build report layouts and save client lists so that major periodic reporting events are always ready to run and easily published via Investor Portal.

Praemium’s advanced corporate actions management and accountant-strength investment and tax reporting let you rely on Report Publisher for your business and client reporting needs.

The performance reporting and generation of client packs is as good, if not better than any platform I come across in my work.
Matt Conan, Chartered Financial Planner, Westminster Wealth Management

Export Centre

Access and interrogate your data like never before

It's simple to understand more about your clients with easy data access, export and population of management reports.

Make better business decisions with Praemium’s Export Centre, which gives you the power to access and interrogate your data like never before.

Professional Branding

Leverage your brand with our customised service

You've invested a lot in your brand, it deserves to be seen.

To make your business the centre of your clients' investment universe, your logos and brand imagery will be front and centre of all portals and investment reports.