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Delivering a digital advice service

27/03/2020 - Feature Articles
The current turbulent times have abruptly pushed most advice practices to working from home. As many navigate what this means for their day-to-day administration, technology and staff management, the biggest challenge is maintaining high levels of service. Clients are looking for constant communication and reassurance, and they need this exceptional service delivered 100% remotely. Thankfully, technology is at a stage where all of this is very possible and offers the potential for some positive long-term changes that will benefit your business long after the presence of COVID-19 has dissipated.
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A message from Praemium's CEO

20/03/2020 - Praemium In The News
With the presence of COVID-19 worldwide, our CEO Michael Ohanessian discusses how we are supporting our clients through these turbulent times and our BCP procedures.
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Praemium Investment Leaders - Australian Ethical

03/03/2020 - Podcasts
Praemium's Damian Cilmi talks to Australian Ethical's Head of Research Dr Stuart Palmer about the ethical investing landscape, ethical investment terminology, the screening processes involved and the potential impact on performance. The podcast also covers the rising focus on responsible business practices, the emphasis on governance and managing climate risk.
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Praemium Investment Leaders - Episode 5 Sustainalytics

03/03/2020 - Podcasts
In our latest episode Praemium's Damian Cilmi talks to Marco Sepulveda of Sustainalytics about their ESG research, how negative screening works and Praemium's new ESG customisation screening.
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Growth in ESG investment, an opportunity for advisers

02/03/2020 - Feature Articles
Following a summer of catastrophic natural disasters, climate change and humankind’s impact on the environment has become a daily headline topic. Whilst the adoption of ethical investment solutions has been on the rise over the past decade, the intensified media coverage has prompted more Australians to look for ways to lessen their environmental footprint, including how their investments may be contributing to these events.
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Praemium platform on the rise

20/02/2020 - Praemium In The News
One year on from the successful release of its award-winning next-generation Managed Accounts platform, Praemium has leapt into the top four in the 2019 Investment Trends Platform Benchmarking Report.
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Praemium's new reports provide greater insight for clients

20/02/2020 - Product News
Praemium's latest release includes new reports ranging from simple, concise and visual to more sophisticated detailed information allowing for enhanced engagement and more meaningful strategic conversations between advisers and their clients.
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Investment Leaders Series - Munro Partners

18/12/2019 - Podcasts
Damian Cilmi talks to Nick Griffin, CIO of Munro Partners about picking the winners in the global stockmarkets and some exciting opportunities for companies capitalising on the global themes of food revolution and high-performance computing. There's some great insights and stock updates in episode 4 of Praemium's Investment Leaders series.
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Innovation and your advice business

09/12/2019 - Feature Articles
With the many challenges facing advice firms, an innovative technology strategy may not be at the top of your business objectives. However, with consumers quick to adopt new technologies and an increasing expectation for new innovations and digitised services, financial planning firms need to have a strategy that allows them to evolve with this landscape and an innovative culture that makes embracing these changes a seamless and natural process.
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Praemium Webinar: Innovation and your technology strategy

04/12/2019 - Podcasts
Praemium's Chief Technology Officer, Adam Pointon and Head of Distribution Martin Morris talk through challenges advice firms face in staying innovative and practical tips and strategies for supporting innovation in your advice business.
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