Here’s a taste of the features Praemium offers you and your clients. The best way to fully appreciate the depth of the platform is to book a demo – please just contact us and we’ll be happy to get that set up.

Client types

We accept business from Individuals, Trusts, Joint Accounts, Charities and Corporates. Non-UK residents and USA connected persons are catered for via our offshore platform, Praemium International Ltd.

Tax wrappers

Praemium offers you and your clients a full range of tax wrappers to ensure the maximum possible suitability. These include ISA, JISA, GIA, Expat SIPP (Praemium Expatriate Retirement Account), and SIPP (Praemium Retirement Account). We also offer access to third-party tax wrappers, including an onshore bond with Sanlam and various offshore bond providers. We also have links to QROPS, QNUPS, and RATs. Our intention is to be open architecture and we are happy to link to any suitable third party provider subject to our due diligence checks.

Asset types

We are happy to hold:   

OEICs / unit trusts on a whole of market basis AIM listed equities
Investment trusts on a whole of market basis Corporate bonds
ETFs Government gilts
LSE listed equities Certain non-sterling and offshore funds

We can offer structured products, international equities and funds via our offshore platform, Praemium International Ltd.

Trading is conducted on a compressed trading cycle / matched settlement basis to minimise time out of market. We do not wait for sell trades to settle before placing buy trades.

Paperless applications & signatureless

Praemium is built to be easy to use and to reduce administration. We find that injecting paper into processes doesn’t help with that. So we don’t do it. Except where required by third party providers or by law, we work on a paperless basis and applications are all paperless. We have our own digital acceptance process but we also accept DocuSign and AdobeSign e-signatures too, removing the need for wet signatures throughout.

Portfolio management

We offer a best-in-class portfolio management capability – in fact that’s how Praemium’s platform began. Our approach facilitates model portfolios (which we call Separately Managed Accounts) and bespoke portfolios (which we call Individually Managed Accounts). You can hold multiple portfolios per client, and different portfolios in each tax wrapper. You can even mix between model and bespoke portfolios in our Unified Managed Account. You can find full details of our approach here.

Adviser Portal

Your user experience is under your control. The adviser portal you and your colleagues see when you log in to Praemium is flexible and based on widgets which you can change over time.  It can also be branded for you with your own logo and colour scheme, at no additional cost.

Clients are set up with view-only access to a simplified, intuitive portal where they can understand the basics of their portfolio and access important documents.

Insights & AI

Praemium is the only platform in the UK to harness the power of machine learning and AI to give you predictive analytics on your clients’ behaviour. We have been able to predict successfully when a client is thinking of transferring away from an adviser using our Insights functionality with a remarkable degree of accuracy – and this is just the start.

Tools & integrations

Praemium has an open API set which allows us to build integrations with other systems who are similarly open. We link to all major back office systems including our own Plum Software and our next-generation practice management system Wealthcraft which is built into the Office 365 cloud framework. 

On-platform tools include a comprehensive CGT calculator, bulk rebalancing, portfolio analytics and reporting, and leading MI capabilities. If you’d like to view our public API documentation, please just visit our development hub.

International business

Praemium isn’t just for UK clients. You also have access to our international platform which allows you to deal seamlessly with expat or overseas clients. If you have clients with complex multi-jurisdictional requirements then we are ideally placed to support you. Our international platform is based in Jersey and can deal with clients in USD, GBP and EUR. We are also able to deal with US-connected persons via this platform. From your own practice management point of view we are able to provide reporting and MI across both your UK and non-UK business to allow you to spend more time advising, and less time collating information.

If you’d like to know more about our international platform, please contact us.

Security and fraud prevention

As you would expect, we take security and fraud prevention extremely seriously, and use a range of measures including bank-grade encryption, regular penetration testing and a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. All this is part of any good due diligence process, and we welcome any questions you may have.

Due diligence

We don’t expect you just to sign up – in fact we want you to take your time about making a decision to work with us. Our due diligence document should give you most of what you need to know, but we are delighted to host you on a site visit, to answer any questions you may have, or attend beauty parades either at your premises or via video conference.