Your business shouldn't be limited by your platform 

For progressive advice firms, there is a wealth of opportunity to build a successful, growing and sustainable business. Over the next decade, $3 trillion in wealth will transfer from one generation to the next. Already we're seeing a growing number of high net wealth investors and over 150,000 new investors entered the $1m or more segment in the last year. There is a growing need for advice and fewer advisers to provide it.  The untapped potential is huge!

As your business grows, efficiency and flexibility will be important in successfully scaling your business for tomorrow's investors. As will a platform partner that can take your business to the next level.

With Praemium, for the first time you can offer the advice and service that's best for your clients, not what you are limited to by a platform. 

Advice businesses should be made more efficient with technology

As a technology-led company, we’ve built our entire solution so that it works for whatever stage or size your business is at. There’s no patchwork quilt of borrowed tech that doesn’t integrate properly. In fact, when it comes to integrating tech, Investment Trends rated us the No.1 Platform for Integration in their annual platform survey.  

Since 2001 we’ve worked closely with leading global professionals from every area of wealth management, to really understand their businesses and develop technology that exceeds expectations. We're an established leader in private wealth solutions and count approximately 40% of the annual Barron's Top 100 Advisers as clients. 

But we're not just for the top end of town, as the pioneer of managed accounts technology the very same platform can effortlessly scale to meet the needs of high-net-worth individuals to accumulators just starting out on their wealth creation journey and all clients in between.

With Praemium you won't need to manage and administer your clients across multiple platforms or use spreadsheets to manage your clients' wealth. You'll have a single platform for all your needs, giving you unparalleled efficiency. 

Unlimit your business efficiency

Find out what Praemium's platform technology can do for your business and about the innovative functionality it provides to enhance business efficiency and quality client engagement.

Flexible enough to handle any investor

We’ve customised our market-leading, institutional-grade, technology platform to cater to all advice businesses models, all clients, all custodial and non-custodial investments and all forms of managed accounts, for both superannuation and non-superannuation portfolios and wholesale and retail clients. 

Only a platform that manages such a breadth of investment classes can provide clients with their total wealth position for families and individuals.

Praemium’s Platform of Everything allows you to deliver tailored solutions for evolving client needs including intergenerational wealth transfer considerations, total wealth reporting and ESG investing preferences with comprehensive, accurate and engaging reporting to enhance the adviser-client relationship. 

Unlimit your flexibility to cater for every clients' advice needs

Our research has shown that advisers are using multiple platforms and methods to manage their clients' wealth. This creates huge inefficiencies but can also limit the strategies yo may offer clients. Find out how the Platform of Everything gives you the ultimate flexibility to create tailored strategies for every type of client, using every type of asset or investment.  

Unique features 

Being masters of our own tech enables Praemium to offer features that are not only unique but ahead of the curve. Like our ESG screening which allows you to screen against 9 different ethical criteria so you can tailor a strategy as unique as your clients' ethical considerations.  Our unmatched ability to manage and report on virtually every investment or asset class, with our total wealth reporting. Our reimagined reporting dashboard that provides on-demand report packs, so you can update your clients' with customised reporting simply and efficiently Our corporate actions and tax management built on historical CGT data dating back to 1987. Our digital acceptance and engagement tools that enhance your wealth management service and improve client engagement. And we even offer AI-based functionality for client retention.

Unlimit your business potential with innovation

Actionable intelligence with an innovative Adviser Portal

Amplify your service with a market-leading Investor Portal 

So, if you are getting a little tired, not to mention embarrassed, with having to say “we don’t offer that” and frustrated with manual handling of multiple systems and the inability to offer your clients something truly unique, then give Praemium a call.

We can help you build your ideal advice business.