In recent years, the landscape of wealth management has witnessed a remarkable shift, with High Net Worth (HNW) investors leading the charge towards alternative investment assets. This shift is set to see alternative asset classes double in size, reaching $21.2trn by 2025 and accounting for 15% of total global AUM. 

This surge in alternative investment allocation presents a ripe opportunity for advisers to elevate their service offerings and deliver tailored investment solutions that resonate with HNW investors' preferences and objectives. In our latest research, we explore the driving forces behind this shift and uncover the unique opportunities and challenges this dynamic asset class presents advisers to cultivate deeper client engagement and drive superior outcomes for their HNW clientele in an ever-changing investment landscape.

Latest research insights:

Leveraging alternatives for enhanced advisory services.

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Elevate your advice service with Praemium 

Praemium’s platform empowers advisers to navigate the evolving landscape of alternative investments with confidence and agility. By leveraging our platform's capabilities, advisers can strengthen their value proposition by offering clients access to a broader range of investment opportunities. This allows advisers to differentiate their services and attract clients seeking innovative investment solutions.


$5.7bn FUA in Alternatives


2,460 assets


19,249 unique investors

Diverse Array of Opportunities:

Gain access to a diverse array of investment opportunities tailored to different investor profiles and styles. From traditional managed funds with daily liquidity, semi-liquid to specialised niche strategies, our platform provides advisers with the tools to meet the unique needs and preferences of their clients.

Experience and Expertise:

Backed by years of experience and expertise in alternative investments, our expert teams can simplify all aspects of investing in these assets including the application process, streamlining the trade execution, administration and tax reporting as part of the investors’ consolidated portfolio.  

Customisable Reporting for Transparency:

Advisers can deliver unparalleled transparency to their clients through Praemium’s customisable reporting options. Whether it's tailoring naming conventions or providing detailed attribution analysis, our platform enables advisers to enhance client understanding and satisfaction.

Support for Future-Oriented Strategies:

We empower advisers to adapt their investment strategies to future fund-style approaches, positioning them for long-term success. We offer comprehensive support and resources to help advisers stay ahead of market trends and capitalise on opportunities, from capital call management to assisting with setting up a feeder fund. 

Webinar Insights

Alternative Investments: Trends, challenges and client preferences

Luke Hansen Head of Investment at Sayers joins Praemium COO James Edmonds for a candid and engaging discussion on the latest research from CoreData into adviser use of alternatives and the trends shaping the landscape.  James and Luke had a candid and detailed discussion about the challenges and opportunities inherent in the asset class, and how to manage client expectations and educate clients on alternatives.  

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