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Investment Leaders Podcast

Praemium's Damian Cilmi is joined by Mark Landau, Joint Managing Director & Co-CIO of L1 Capital, to discuss what investors should expect from shifting market conditions, the role of shorting in dealing with increasing volatility, and why things won't be returning to "normal" any time soon.

Conversation highlights include why central banks are hamstrung by high inflation, investment opportunities that the market is missing, and how to implement an adaptable investment strategy that can allow for adjustments to market exposure.  


Short and sharp podcast excerpts

Why volatile markets are here to stay & how to play them

In this short clip, Mark Landau, Joint Managing Director and Co-CIO of L1 Capital, discusses the change from market conditions suited to buy-and-hold investment strategies to a market that requires active trading.

Contrary on energy - why oil is undervalued

Joint-Managing Director and Co-CIO of L1 Capital, Mark Landau, gives a succinct summary of how the market is currently under-investing in energy resources and the opportunity this represents.