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The fund management landscape is undergoing change as firms aim to meet evolving regulatory, social, and environmental trends. You might be facing challenges such as increased competition, declining fee-based income, and the need to comply with regulations. Praemium technology can help you stay ahead of the curve, to streamline operations and drive sustainable change quickly. With the help of technology, asset managers can provide tailored, cost-effective portfolios, efficiently allowing for improved client outcomes and customer satisfaction. 

Praemium's advanced proprietary platform enables you to create professionally managed model portfolios in a whole new, better way.  It's more efficient. It's more transparent. With full scalability.

  • Praemium's model weights float daily, just like a fund, so everyone's always aligned with the model

  • Multi-currency functionality enables you to settle international security transactions in either foreign currency or AUD

  • Modern technology interface for managing model portfolios, including online editing and bulk uploading with real-time change validations

  • Comprehensive reporting

  • Rebalancing is handled by our powerful engine, so you can focus on strategy


Online portfolio management

Implement your investment decisions quickly and easily


Daily Rebalancing

Portfolios stay aligned with your strategy


Best reporting suite in the market

You'll always have the full picture

Create value for your clients with Praemium

The choice is yours

Besides Australian and international listed securities (including US-listed ETFs), we also offer managed funds, managed portfolios and multi-currency functionality, so you can settle international security transactions and international dividends in foreign currency or Australian Dollar (AUD).

Fast & easy

Implement your investment decisions quickly and easily by uploading weight changes to individual portfolios or multiple portfolios in bulk, validating changes in investment weights in real-time and accessing historical weight changes.

Get the full picture

Access to our full suite of award-winning reporting, with performance reporting specifically for investment managers including shadow portfolio reporting, daily and periodic managed portfolio performance and managed portfolio weights. 

Ditch the admin

We provide assistance with execution, administration, and custody, so you have more time to focus on investment strategy and delivering returns to your clients. 

Full online submission for model manager compliance reporting significantly reduces your quarterly compliance obligations.