Redefining Wealth Management

Managed accounts represent a significant evolution in the way investors can engage with their financial future. As a pioneer in this field, Praemium has been at the forefront of this change, bringing to the market an array of solutions tailored to the diverse needs of today's savvy investors. Our managed accounts, launched in 2005, offer an integrated, technology-driven approach that blends customised investment solutions with unparalleled flexibility and control.

On this resource page, we aim to delve deeper into the topic, unpacking the benefits, nuances, and potential of managed accounts. We will explore the balance between client engagement and business efficiency, the breadth of investment options, and the role of rebalancing technology in maintaining strategy alignment. Our insights will provide you a greater understanding of the transformative potential managed accounts can bring to your financial advisory business. 

What are managed accounts?

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Want to understand a little bit more about separately managed accounts or find an easier way to articulate what they are to your clients? In this short video we talk through what managed accounts are, how they work and the benefits they offer.

How to benefit from managed accounts

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The latest research on managed accounts shows that firms using them are outperforming those firms who are yet to use the solution. Find out how these firms and their clients are benefitting from managed accounts and start your journey today.

Empowering your advisory practice with in-depth knowledge & insights

Managed Accounts Insights Hub

How managed accounts can meet evolving investor needs

In an age where consumers expect around-the-clock access to services, the landscape of financial advice is rapidly evolving. This article delves into four key themes shaping investors’ expectations of their financial advice service, and demonstrates how managed accounts cater to these needs in a scalable and efficient manner.

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What are managed account firms doing differently that is driving success?

In today's complex financial landscape, managed account firms are finding success against all odds. This article presents our research with Business Health, highlighting how incorporating managed accounts can benefit both firms and clients. Discover how these firms are optimising client experience, leveraging scalability, strategic planning, and technology partnerships to fuel their success.

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Making a successful transition to managed accounts

Transitioning to managed accounts is a strategic yet challenging move. It requires new advice models and technology updates. Despite the complexity, the rewards are transformative - improved client engagement, efficiency, satisfaction, retention, and profitability, leading to sustainable success. This article explores change management's crucial role in this transition, highlighting the journey's challenges and triumphs.

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Busting myths of managed accounts

Financial advice isn't one-size-fits-all and neither are managed accounts. This article addresses persistent myths about managed accounts and dives into recent research that demonstrates how managed accounts can serve clients of all sizes, offering benefits that can increase client engagement and boost profitability for practices. 

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Charting the path to managed accounts

Get a first-hand perspective on making the transition to managed accounts from Janahan Kumalingram of Vostro Private Wealth. In this video, Janahan shares his firm's transition experience, including the key things to consider and what to look for in a partner.

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Access the latest research on managed accounts & advice practices

For more information on how meeting your clients’ needs can translate into increased profitability and revenue for advice practices, download our latest research paper, Profit Facts & Key Success Drivers.