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Investment Leaders - Lonsec

19/08/2020 - Podcasts
Damian Cilmi talks to Lukasz de Pourbaix, Executive Director at Lonsec Investment Solutions about the impact of COVID-19 on investors and different strategies for creating a managed account solution.
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Praemium Investment Leaders - Lonsec

12/08/2020 - Podcasts
Praemium's Damian Cilmi talks to Lonsec Investment Solution's CIO Lukasz De Pourbaix in the latest episode of Praemium Investment Leaders.
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A managed account for all market conditions

10/08/2020 - Feature Articles
The business efficiency and client engagement advantages of managed accounts have long been espoused; however, recent months have highlighted another very important benefit of managed accounts - the ability to respond quickly to volatile markets.
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Four trends shaping the new world of advice

07/08/2020 - Feature Articles
The landscape of financial advice is ever-changing, throw in a global pandemic and the industry has had to evolve even further. We highlight four key trends we believe will continue to shape the advice industry over the coming years.
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Harnessing the power of data

06/08/2020 - Feature Articles
The value of data for financial practices is increasing. We look at steps advisers can take to leverage data for client engagement and business insights and the future trends for data in financial services.
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Busting myths of managed accounts & client size

17/07/2020 - Feature Articles
Many advisers believe managed accounts aren't suitable for clients with low balance portfolios. We look at the reasons behind this and if there's any truth to them.
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Praemium announce offer to acquire Powerwrap

09/07/2020 - Press Releases
Praemium has announced a takeover offer for Australian wealth management platform Powerwrap.
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Praemium PDS update reflects new investment options

01/06/2020 - Product News
Praemium's latest PDS update reflects it wider range of investment options including the launch of term deposits.
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Praemium SuperSMA - Trustee ownership

14/05/2020 - Product News
Praemium's SuperSMA Trustee Diversa has changed ownership.
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Helping align your clients' investments with their values

06/05/2020 - Podcasts
Damian Cilmi is joined by Australian Ethical and QS Investors to discuss the ESG landscape and how to evaluate and assess ESG strategies.
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