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How humility drives success for Peter Bates of T. Rowe Price

In the most recent episode of the Praemium Investment Leaders podcast, host Damian Cilmi speaks with Peter Bates from T. Rowe Price about his experiences and key learnings across two decades of portfolio management. Peter shares the role of experience in shaping his investment philosophy, and how he came to prioritize stock picking over making macro bets.

Throughout their conversation, Damian and Peter discuss the importance of finding a balance between admitting mistakes and maintaining conviction in investment positions. They explore the challenges of navigating underperformance, and how a reliable process for analysing risk-return can be invaluable. Additionally, Peter shares his bullish outlook on the semiconductor industry and highlights the need to identify the stocks that will define the future rather than relying on those that have defined the past.

Listen to this episode to gain a deeper understanding of the world of investing from an experienced professional, or watch one of the short video excerpts below. This informative and thought-provoking episode offers valuable insights founded on experience and self-reflection.

US Outlook with T Rowe Price

Video insight: 2 mins
Video insight: 2 mins
Praemium's Damian Cilmi talks to Peter Bates of T Rowe Price about the current outlook for the United States.

Balancing humility and conviction in investing

Video insight: 2 mins
Video insight: 2 mins
Damian Cilmi talks to Peter Bates of T Rowe Price about his process for finding a balanced approach to making bets on growth.