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Managed Accounts in the US: What Australia Can Learn

In this episode, we delve into the ever-changing landscape of Managed Accounts.  Our guest, Mike Martel, Head of Portfolio Management for the Investor Solutions Group for State Street Global Advisors, brings over three decades of experience in the investment management field to provide expert insights. This episode is a window into the past and future of investment, offering valuable perspectives for both the U.S. and Australian markets.

Join us as we explore the trend of blending active and passive strategies within SMAs, how it originated, and the valuable insights Australian advisers can gain from this approach. We also examine the shift towards personalised investment strategies, driven by technology, and the challenges and opportunities Australian advisers may encounter. Stay informed with the highlights from State Street's latest research and gain a glimpse into the future as we consider the unique Australian market dynamics and emerging trends.

The Growth of Managed Accounts

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Managed Accounts are growing rapidly in the US. Mike Martel from State Street Global Advisors sits down with Damian Cilmi to discuss what Managed Accounts deliver in terms of efficiency and scalability, and how that's driving this trend.

Insights from State Street Managed Accounts Research

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Mike Martel shares some of the highlights from recent Investment Trends research into managed accounts performance in Australia, including why he thinks the usages of managed accounts has tripled in Australia.

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