16/05/2023 Podcasts 35 mins to read Back to all News & Insights

Addressing Australia's Unmet Financial Needs

In our latest episode of the Praemium podcast, Head of Sales for Queensland and New South Wales, Matt van Dijk, takes the helm. He interviews Francis Rigby, Director and Head of Advice at Financial Advice Matters. In this thoughtful conversation, they explore the complex topic of intergenerational wealth transfer, discussing the challenges and strategies related to managing inheritance and wealth transition between generations.

Francis shares his experiences and insights on how to approach these sensitive issues, focusing on the importance of understanding a client's values and life goals. He also touches on the technological expectations of different generations and how the financial advice industry must adapt to meet them.

This episode is a valuable resource for financial advisors, as well as anyone interested in financial planning for the future. It offers a unique view into the critical conversations about inheritance and wealth management across generations. Join us to gain a fresh perspective on financial planning and learn how to navigate these delicate discussions.