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Intergenerational wealth transfer driving need for advice amongst Australia’s affluent

14/11/2022 - Feature Articles
We look at the latest research on the intergenerational wealth transfer and how advisers can support both beneficiaries and benefactors.
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Key insights into the HNW investor

24/10/2022 - Feature Articles
Confident and capable of making their own investment decisions, Australia's high-net-worth investors present both opportunities and challenges for the advice industry. We've summarised the key insights from the Investment Trends HNW Investor Survey 2022.
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Delivering a personalised advice service for HNW investors

24/10/2022 - Feature Articles
Praemium's Chief Distribution Officer Martin Morris looks at how to develop a CVP for high-net-worth investors.
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Unmet needs of HNW investors highlight opportunity for holistic strategic advice

21/09/2022 - Feature Articles
The latest Investment Trends High Net Worth (HNW) Survey 2022 shows despite a reluctance to seek advice, HNWs have a number of unment advice needs, providing the opportunity for adviser to tailor a service to meet them.
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Investment trends and advice needs: catering to the HNW sector

23/08/2022 - Feature Articles
We share some of the key trends we are seeing on the platform from HNW advice firms into investment preferences and advice needs for the HNW investor.
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How managed accounts can meet evolving investor needs

17/05/2022 - Feature Articles
Managed accounts offer many benefits to advisers but they are also catering to the changing needs of investors.
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What managed account firms are doing differently that is driving such success.

02/05/2022 - Feature Articles
Against a challenging backdrop firms using managed accounts are thriving. Praemium's latest research on advice practices identifies some of the things these firms are doing differently to drive success.
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Summer reading - top articles of 2021

03/01/2022 - Feature Articles
We're passionate about providing valuable, relevant content to advisers. Take a look at the top read articles, advisers were reading from Praemium.
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HNW investors highlight the strategic advice opportunity of ESG

16/12/2021 - Feature Articles
Praemium's latest research with Investment Trends indicates that an increasing number of high net worth investors are prioritising ethical investing, but few believe they have the knowledge or understanding of how to meet these needs.
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HNWs seeking a whole of portfolio digital experience

23/11/2021 - Feature Articles
High Net Worth (HNW) investors have increasing access to digital platforms and appreciate the time and reporting burden alleviated from them. However, many struggle to find a solution capable of tracking their entire portfolio.
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