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A new era for resources: energy security, decarbonisation & going nuclear

05/08/2022 - Podcasts
Damian Cilmi sits down with Co-Portfolio Manager of the Ausbil Global Resources Fund, James Stewart, to discuss what investors might expect to see in the months and years ahead in resource investment. James lays out current trends in supply and demand considering increasing activity in China, global action on decarbonisation, and increasing geopolitical tensions.
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Praemium completes divestment of International Business to Morningstar

30/06/2022 - Press Releases
Praemium has successfully completed the divestment of the International Business to Morningstar and announces payment of a special dividend.
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Key Market Drivers for 2022

08/06/2022 - Podcasts
The latest market insights for your upcoming end of year client meetings. Damian Cilmi hosted this live webinar panel with Nikki Thomas, CFA of Magellan Financial Group, Paul Parsons of Northcape Capital and Charles Jamieson of Jamieson Coote Bonds to discuss the key market drivers for bonds, domestic and global equities over the remainder of this year and into 2023. Looking at inflation, interest rates and how to position a portfolio in these market conditions.
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Shifting to a managed accounts business mindset

06/06/2022 - Podcasts
Praemium's Chief Distribution Officer Martin Morris talks to Paul Forbes, CEO of the Australian Advice Network and RFS Advice about the journey to becoming a Managed Accounts focused advice firm. Martin and Paul discuss building a client value proposition, introducing clients to managed accounts, selecting models, business efficiencies and choosing the right technology partner. It's a fascinating insight into a successful advice practice.
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Natural Capital: agriculture as a resilient asset class

01/06/2022 - Podcasts
Praemium's Damian Cilmi speaks with Steve Jarrott, a portfolio manager with Warakirri Asset Management, about agriculture as an asset class and the unique position of Australian agriculture against the backdrop of rising inflation, shifting global economies, and climate change. Steve speaks about the development of an agriculture REIT and agriculture investment as a key component of a diversified portfolio.
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Inflation, interest rates & why fixed income still matters

19/05/2022 - Podcasts
Damian Cilmi, Head of Investment Managers & Governance at Praemium and Anthony Kirkham, Head of Investment Management at Western Asset Management Australia discuss the implications of current inflation rates and their impact on the labour market, where interest rates might be headed, and why fixed income still matters in this shifting environment. Anthony shares how he is positioning his portfolios to deal with the outlook for the year ahead.
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How managed accounts can meet evolving investor needs

17/05/2022 - Feature Articles
Managed accounts offer many benefits to advisers but they are also catering to the changing needs of investors.
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What managed account firms are doing differently that is driving such success.

02/05/2022 - Feature Articles
Against a challenging backdrop firms using managed accounts are thriving. Praemim's latest research on advice practices identifies some of the things these firms are doing differently to drive success.
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Praemium takes most category wins in Investment Trends Platform Report

24/02/2022 - Press Releases
Praemium has consolidated it's top 3 position in the annual Investment Trends Platform Competitive Analysis and Benchmarking Report 2021 with the greatest percentage gain of the top 4 platforms.
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Summer reading - top articles of 2021

03/01/2022 - Feature Articles
We're passionate about providing valuable, relevant content to advisers. Take a look at the top read articles, advisers were reading from Praemium.
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