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AI to help advisers with client need

26/06/2019 - Feature Articles
For nearly two years, a select team of developers at Praemium has been building an artificial intelligence/machine learning application to help advisers better engage with clients. The release is particularly timely in the wake of the Royal Banking Commission.
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Praemium CEO presentation at Nextwealth Conference

26/05/2019 - Feature Articles
Is the Fund fit for purpose? Praemium's CEO Michael Ohanessian was involved in a panel discussion at a recent NextWealth Conference in London, where he discussed Australia's experience in the SMA market.
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Do your models float?

01/05/2019 - Feature Articles
For those advisers that have made the switch to discretionary fund management, the benefits are clear – reduced administration, easier compliance management and more time to spend with clients to name just a few. What they might not know is that the discretionary management is only as good as the platform it’s managed on, and they might not be getting the best out of the discretionary experience.
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How to protect your capital for a prosperous retirement

03/04/2019 - Feature Articles
Pension freedoms in the UK have given investors unprecedented flexibility when entering retirement. However, with flexibility comes additional risks, many of which the average investor will be unaware, says Ben Lester, Praemium International Head of Distribution.
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Next generation investment platform

18/02/2019 - Feature Articles
Not all platforms are the same. With the greatest wealth transfer underway, the next generation of investment platform needs to meet the demands and needs of this new wealth inheritor. So what makes a platform truly next generation and how can this give this new breed of investors and their advisers a better experience?
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Why time is the new currency

09/02/2019 - Feature Articles
In a world in which fees are under ever more scrutiny, both advisers and fund platforms are increasingly looking at ways to lower costs. Dylan Navra, Managing Director at Praemium Asia, says one way of doing this is by going fully digital.
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Putting the client at the heart of the licensee-adviser relationship

03/12/2018 - Feature Articles
Praemium's Martin Morris looks at the adviser/licensee relationship and how managed accounts can help create a more client-centric approach that benefits all parties.
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Managed Accounts technology: A prime solution for SMSF Trustees

05/11/2018 - Feature Articles
The changing dynamic of the SMSF trustee presents a unique opportunity for advisers to meet their needs with managed accounts technology.
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Managing conflicts of interest with Managed Accounts

14/09/2018 - Feature Articles
Praemium's Head of Risk & Compliance, Bala Shastri believes that for advice practices to better manage conflicts of interest, it may be worth looking into a managed accounts solution.
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