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How might open-ended property fund proposals affect platforms?

05/08/2021 - Feature Articles
New regulatory measures aim to help investors, but Ben Lester explains platforms might get caught in the crossfire
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Ensuring the “new normal” is a better normal

24/06/2021 - Feature Articles
Ben Lester explains how platforms can support advisers’ technology needs in a post-Covid world
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Time to get connected

24/03/2021 - Feature Articles
The lack of software integrations continues to cause headaches for adviser firms. Ben Lester says it’s time to open up
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Providing reassurance in uncertain times

26/01/2021 - Feature Articles
As merger and acquisition (M&A) activity gathers pace Ben Lester looks at what this might mean for the industry and addresses adviser concerns in already challenging times.
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The sector shows its mettle facing the Covid storm

21/12/2020 - Feature Articles
Ben Lester looks at gross and net flows during Q2 and Q3 across the UK platform market and what they tell us about the sector’s resilience
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Delivering a true digital service in the 'new normal'

11/12/2020 - Feature Articles
Ben Lester discusses how advisers have coped in COVID and what a true digital advice service should look like.
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Harnessing the power of data

06/08/2020 - Feature Articles
The value of data for financial practices is increasing. We look at steps advisers can take to leverage data for client engagement and business insights and the future trends for data in financial services.
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Delivering a digital advice service

27/03/2020 - Feature Articles
The current turbulent times have abruptly pushed most advice practices to working from home. As many navigate what this means for their day-to-day administration, technology and staff management, the biggest challenge is maintaining high levels of service. Clients are looking for constant communication and reassurance, and they need this exceptional service delivered 100% remotely. Thankfully, technology is at a stage where all of this is very possible and offers the potential for some positive long-term changes that will benefit your business long after the presence of COVID-19 has dissipated.
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Innovation and your advice business

09/12/2019 - Feature Articles
With the many challenges facing advice firms, an innovative technology strategy may not be at the top of your business objectives. However, with consumers quick to adopt new technologies and an increasing expectation for new innovations and digitised services, financial planning firms need to have a strategy that allows them to evolve with this landscape and an innovative culture that makes embracing these changes a seamless and natural process.
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Assessing the impact your business model & technology partner has on profit

10/09/2019 - Feature Articles
Constant demands on advisers time all have the ability to impact business profitability and success. We look at some of the factors that can impact a planning practice’s business model and outline why platform choice will be more of a strategic decision in the future, rather than just a business transaction.
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