Praemium’s platform technology is now used by more than 1,000 financial institutions and advice businesses and 500,000 investors, globally.
Through technology, Praemium has taken a highly complex and time-consuming process and simplified it. Big time. At its core, Praemium has the most advanced, robust and accurate technology engine and functionality to support our unique integrated Managed Accounts platform.

Unlike many platforms, Praemium owns its own technology. Founded in Australia in 2001, it counts 3 of the 4 big Australian banks plus two of the world's largest global wealth management institutions as wealth clients. UK or offshore Advisers can rest assured that Praemium will never need to do a major and risky “re-platforming” project. Praemium’s globally located technology team is continually innovating and delivering important enhancements to make it easier for advisers to deliver exceptional value to their clients.

Adviser Portal

Managed account administration made simple

Imagine an environment where managed account applications can be digitally accepted, investment portfolios established and edited simply.

Imagine an environment where the platform does most of the heavy lifting, unburdening your admin staff.

Imagine being able to invest your clients into an actively run investment strategy but with the same low admin burden associated with investing in a single multi-asset fund.

Imagine no more. Praemium helps to you save time on implementation and administration so you can focus more on what your clients really value, high-quality engagement about their goals, strategy, plans and progress.

Managed account automation

The industry benchmark for rebalancing, trading & corporate actions

High-quality Managed Account solutions require next-generation technology that can robustly and cost-efficiently execute high volumes of investment transactions, supported by sophisticated corporate actions management.

Praemium’s unique integrated Managed Accounts platform provides a high level of automation that increases accuracy, lowers costs and improves efficiency, saving your clients and your business time and money.

  • Praemium’s world class auto-rebalancing engine and corporate actions management ensure that your client portfolios are always in line with their investment strategies.
  • Praemium’s rebalancing engine eliminates “drift” between investor and model and between investors who are attached to the same model portfolio. You no longer need to monitor for drift or implement costly and unnecessary rebalances to bring investors into line.
  • Praemium’s ability to run direct equity models is a testament to the power of its portfolio administration capabilities and its rebalancing engine.
  • Our corporate actions expertise across thousands of listed securities also means we can deliver accurate tax and performance reporting.
  • Praemium aggregates trades across its entire client base, lowering trading charges and making equity-based model portfolios viable.

Corporate actions and tax management

Recalculated, reconciled and ready to roll.

Whether it’s our custodial SMA and IMA, our non-custodial VMA (Australia only) or consolidated UMA our team ensures fast and accurate application of corporate actions for all ASX-listed securities and over 4,000 internationally listed securities. When others are still struggling with complex corporate actions, our team has already double-checked, signed off and moved on. 

The team is supported by Praemium’s unique technology platform that can recalculate an investment portfolio back and forth through time to build a full picture of your client’s tax position at any time in their investment history. If a corporate action changes, as they frequently do, the platform can go back in time, apply or change the corporate action in your client's account, then move forward to today at the click of a button.

Client engagement tools

AI drives client insights for advisers

Praemium has launched innovative functionality that provides advisers with knowledge and insights designed to enhance client engagement and strengthen the adviser-client relationship. The Insights functionality uses data science and machine learning to examine certain client behavioural patterns that may indicate a need for additional advice or guidance. Whether the behaviour patterns are driven by investment or market performance, or a change in their personal circumstances, the adviser then has the opportunity to engage with their client at a time when they are most needing updated financial advice or further guidance about their options or needs.

VMA data feeds and transaction reconciliation 

The complex made simple

In addition to market-leading corporate actions and tax management, Praemium facilitates a broad range of external custodial and non-custodial data feeds of transactions into Praemium's VMA (Australia only), covering domestic and international listed and unlisted investments across all asset classes.

Praemium’s VMA transaction matching tool will automatically match over 80% of your transactions, making the few remaining transactions immediately noticeable and easy to action, making account reconciliation simple. This can be further simplified with the use of Praemium’s outsourced administration service.


Open integration with other solutions.

With the Praemium API Development Hub, you have the tools you need to integrate with most internal or external solutions or systems to further unify client experiences or leverage data in the way you choose.  Look at the API documentation site to get an idea of how our API can work for you.