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Key Market Drivers FY25

11/06/2024 - Feature Articles
Praemium’s Damian Cilmi hosted a panel discussion with Brett Lewthwaite from Macquarie, Andrew Dale from ECP Asset Management, and Nick Griffin from Munro Partners to understand what key themes will drive market performance in FY25 for Fixed Income, Australian and Global Equities market and the implications that ‘higher for longer’ interest rates will have across these sectors.
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Building longevity in client relationships with technology

26/03/2024 - Feature Articles
We look at how leveraging technology-driven strategies from the right platform partner can help foster enduring client relationships, strengthen referrals, and propel advice firms towards sustained success.
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HNW investors embracing endowment-aligned strategies.

23/01/2024 - Feature Articles
Praemium's Chief Operating Officer James Edmonds, discusses how HNW investment strategies are becoming increasingly aligned with the asset allocations implemented by institutional asset owners. And this shift is not just about returns; but a deliberate move towards diversified portfolios, sustainability, and preserving intergenerational legacies—a convergence that’s reshaping the landscape of modern wealth management.
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Favourite Articles of 2023

19/12/2023 - Feature Articles
Before diving into another year, revisit Praemium's most popular articles of 2023 - curated wisdom from industry experts on everything from mastering intergenerational wealth transfer, to optimising portfolios amidst volatility. Steep yourself in insights that have resonated through the peaks and troughs, and emerge better equipped to empower Australia's affluent. Whether building skills or perspectives, let the countdown reinforce your expertise so you can elevate advice and prosper in 2024.
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The Evolution of High Net Worth Investors

20/09/2023 - Feature Articles
In an era of rapid change and digitalisation, high-net-worth (HNW) investors are once again proving to be the pioneers of financial innovation. New findings from Praemium/Investment Trends HNW Investor Research reveal a fundamental shift in their investment focus, emphasising income generation, diversification, and intergenerational wealth transfer, all underpinned by a growing demand for digital advisory services. This article explores how these evolving preferences are not just reshaping the HNW landscape, but offering financial advisers an invaluable opportunity to redefine modern advice.
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Reimagining Wealth Advice for Ultra-Affluent Investors

20/09/2023 - Feature Articles
Australia's affluent are increasingly requiring holistic advice and moving away from advisers they perceive as offering more transactional services. This requires a shift in how private wealth advisers have traditionally supported this investor segment.
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Alternatives meeting HNWs evolving needs

18/09/2023 - Feature Articles
In a search for increased diversification HNWs are allocating more of their portfolio to alternatives according to the latest research.
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Increasing need for wealth transfer advice amongst HNWs

13/09/2023 - Feature Articles
The importance of the intergenerational wealth transfer for the advice industry has been highlighted in the latest Investment Trends research on High Net Worth (HNW) investors. Many HNWs have already commenced the wealth transfer but acknowledge a growing need for guidance.
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Understanding the true cost of fees on client outcomes

15/03/2023 - Feature Articles
Praemium's General Manager, QLD Matt van Dijk looks at the true cost of platform fees and how the execution strategy an adviser chooses can have a significant impact on client outcomes.
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Summer reading: our top articles of 2022

03/01/2023 - Feature Articles
Enjoy some light reading with the articles most read by advisers in 2022. This year, acquiring high net worth investors and practice management using managed accounts were key areas of interest. Read on for some great content to catch up on over your summer break.
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