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Harnessing High-Yield Credit

11/03/2024 - Podcasts
Damian Cilmi interviews Samantha Milner, Partner, Portfolio Manager the Managing Director of Ares Credit Group. The episode covers enhanced with liquid credit instruments like leveraged loans, high yield bonds, and CLOs.
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Inspiring women in advice

07/03/2024 - Podcasts
Samantha Hawkins, General Manager at Praemium hosted Siobhan Blewitt CEO of Frais Capital and Jaimee Desai, Partner and portfolio manager at Sempre Investment Managers for a conversation inspired by International Women's Day.
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The Co-Investment Advantage: Leveraging Partnerships in Private Equity

22/02/2024 - Podcasts
Damian Cilmi interviews José Luis González Pastor, the Managing Director of Neuberger Berman's Private Equity Team. The episode covers the growing interest in private equity investments, the benefits of co-investments for investors, and the evolving dynamics of the private equity market.
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Securing your client's legacy: Estate Planning Essentials

22/02/2024 - Podcasts
Praemium's General Manager Samantha Hawkins, hosts SLF Lawyers on the Praemium Advice Leaders Podcast. Rebecca Fahey, and Theresa Elhage discuss the importance of estate planning, especially for high net worth individuals. The conversation covers topics such as the significance of estate planning, initiating discussions with clients, key documents, complexities of family structures, tax planning, charitable giving, and the importance of collaboration between financial planners and legal professionals.
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The Podcasts that Made 2023

29/12/2023 - Podcasts
Our most loved podcasts episodes from the past year, curated to help you sharpen your edge for 2024 by taking the lessons of top financial professionals with you into a new year. From finding value the market has missed to taking unique approaches to elevating client engagement, these most heard episodes contain timeless pearls of wisom ready to reinforce your expertise and unlock fresh perspectives.
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2023 Bond Market Recap with Charlie Jamieson: Key Trends and Takeaways

19/12/2023 - Podcasts
Bond-market veteran Charlie Jamieson returns to share his insights on today's radically transformed fixed income sphere. We first had Charlie on the show in 2020, but since there have been seismic economic shifts, from inflation's ascent to the impact of swift rate hikes, Charlie dissects the complex factors influencing markets.
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Succession Planning for Your Advice Business

13/12/2023 - Podcasts
Building a successful advice business takes dedication and passion. But what happens next? Don't leave your legacy to chance! In this podcast, Bob Neill, founder of Seaview Consulting, shares his insights on ensuring your business's smooth transition and continued success. Learn about different succession plans, key steps for a seamless transfer, and valuable tips for choosing the right successor.
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Scaling to New Heights: The Growth of Managed Accounts with Mike Martel

25/10/2023 - Podcasts
In this episode, we delve into the ever-changing landscape of Managed Accounts.  Our guest, Mike Martel, Head of Portfolio Management for the Investor Solutions Group for State Street Global Advisors, brings over three decades of experience in the investment management field to provide expert insights. This episode is a window into the past and future of investment, offering valuable perspectives for both the U.S. and Australian markets.
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Bucking the Trend: Contrarian Investing in Australia with Dr. Suhas Nayak

28/09/2023 - Podcasts
What does it take to invest in the stocks that no one else wants? Suhas Nayak is a portfolio manager at Allan Gray, an entirely contrarian fund manager that seeks to find diamonds in the rough in places other buyers aren't willing to go.
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Better Technology Decisions to Unlock Practice Growth

21/09/2023 - Podcasts
In our latest episode of the Praemium Advice Leaders Podcast, we delve into the technological challenges and opportunities transforming the wealth management industry. Our General Manager Matt van Dijk is joined by Peter Worn, Managing Director of Technology and Digital Consultancy at Finura Group, for an in-depth discussion that unpacks the intricacies of advice technology in today's landscape.
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