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The Co-Investment Advantage: Leveraging Partnerships in Private Equity

Damian Cilmi interviews José Luis González Pastor, the Managing Director of Neuberger Berman's Private Equity Team. The episode covers the growing interest in private equity investments, the benefits of co-investments for investors, and the evolving dynamics of the private equity market. Key topics include the reasons behind the growth of private equity, the various types of transactions in private equity including primary, secondary, and co-investments, the benefits and fee structure of co-investments, and recent discussions around valuations and liquidity in private equity investments.

The Co-Investment Advantage: Leveraging Partnerships in Private Equity


Discover how to navigate the dynamic private equity landscape and unlock the secrets of sophisticated investment strategies with our guest, Jose Luis Gonzalez-Pastor, Managing Director at Neuburger Berman. In an era where market uncertainties loom large, we dissect private equity's resilience and its growing allure to investors, from high-net-worth individuals to retail investors seeking portfolio diversification. 

Venture further into the world of private equity with us as we break down the evolving practices of co-underwriting and co-investing—a game-changing shift for capital investment. With Jose Luis at the helm, we examine the burgeoning 'midlife' investment category, its potential for turbocharging company growth, and the innovative solutions for overcoming liquidity hurdles. As private equity valuations and market conditions fluctuate, we provide a candid look at the valuation process, fair value assessments, and strategies for navigating the choppier waters of distributions and exits that lie ahead. Tune in for a masterclass in the art of private equity from one of the industry’s esteemed leaders.

Neuberger Berman's Managing Director of Private Equity, Jose Luis Gonzalez Pastor, talks to Praemium's Damian Cilmi about the current landscape for private equity and the growing increase in interest.
Neuberger Berman's Jose Luis Gonzalez Pastor about the benefits of co-investments within a private equity strategy.