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Praemium cybersecurity features you should know about

22/11/2022 - Product News
The impact a cybersecurity breach can have on a business, large or small, is indisputable. It can cause significant reputational damage, destroy customer trust, and cause financial loss. So how can you protect yourself from the threat of a cyber-attack?
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RG97 upcoming changes

17/08/2022 - Product News
RG97 regulations have been updated and the way in which fees are disclosed in Product Disclosure Statements will change effective 30 September 2022. Find out what you need to know.
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Technology to ease you through the tax-year end

20/05/2021 - Product News
By bringing together data from brokers, registries, and bank accounts, Praemium gives you a complete picture of your client’s investment portfolios on one platform, making it easier than ever to get organised for the financial year-end.
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Praemium PDS update reflects new investment options

01/06/2020 - Product News
Praemium's latest PDS update reflects it wider range of investment options including the launch of term deposits.
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Praemium SuperSMA - Trustee ownership

14/05/2020 - Product News
Praemium's SuperSMA Trustee Diversa has changed ownership.
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Helping clients through market volatility

06/04/2020 - Product News
Praemium’s platform offers numerous tools and functionality to assist you in navigating your clients through this difficult market period while providing a high level of service and engagement.
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Praemium's new reports provide greater insight for clients

20/02/2020 - Product News
Praemium's latest release includes new reports ranging from simple, concise and visual to more sophisticated detailed information allowing for enhanced engagement and more meaningful strategic conversations between advisers and their clients.
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